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GOERG & SCHNEIDER has been a classic family company since its foundation in 1924. It is now in the third generation of management under the personally liable managing partner Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. Hartmut Goerg and his wife Dipl. Betriebswirtin Martina Goerg. The fourth generation is already preparing for succession.

GOERG & SCHNEIDER is one of the leading companies in the Westerwald for the extraction and preparation of clay ceramic raw materials. These form the basis for customized clay mixtures, raw chamotte and bodies for the fabrication of ceramic and fireproof products.

Since 1989 ceramic bodies have been produced, you can find the range of our products and delivery forms under: www.goerg-schneider.com

Our ceramic bodies are produced by mixing milled clays and other mineral raw materials, such as feldspar, calcium silicate and chamotte.

Plastic bodies are formed in lumps by means of a vacuum press. These are sold to customers within the industry or in 10 kg pieces, individually wrapped, to potters and hobby ceramicists via specialised distributors. The body properties and compositions are tailored to specific applications, such as throwing, pressing, stamping, coiling or modelling.

A wide firing range of between 1000 °C and 1300 °C makes it possible to obtain various firing colours whose colour stability depends solely on natural raw materials.